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Kardif is at the same time an artist, the fulcrum of a collective of designers and a lifestyle brand. Spokesman of the ambitions of an emerging generation, today more than ever called to write a new idea of the future, where luxury and sustainability meet.

Kardif develops his own artistic awareness when, in the silence of the lock-down, he draws “Rampage". This sculpture has the appearance of a massive bishop and is made in low poly style, a stylistic signature that distinguishes both his works and his decided thought.

Loaded with a primordial force that is perfected in the creative act, "Rampage", invites us to reflect on our progress in life, on the search for an identity that in today’s world can only be declined in a strong and decisive way.

This figure, rocky and imposing, accompanies the artist since his childhood; much more than just an imaginary friend. Always guardian of the door of Kardif’s creativity - a world in which will is power - "Rampage" becomes the symbol of his creed and the spokesman of his manifesto.

The brand

Kardif is a vocation to research in the name of beauty; precious and exclusive products impose a new idea of luxury lifestyle in which objects become experiences.

Rome, Paris, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, Mikonos and New York. Travel memories in the landmarks of architecture, fashion and art, reflect high-end products that stand out for the strong references to the symbolic universe of Kardif, creative mind at the head of the homonymous collective of artists.

In the encounter between technè and art, the brand draws the profile of a new mitochondrial Eve - the genetic prototype of the femininity of the future: ambitious, strong-willed and magnetic.

The Kardif footwear collection presents the Zeitgeist of craftsmanship. Ancient knowledge, which has always united generations meet the dictates of design, where there can be no form if not at the service of function. Marked by a strong stylistic imprint, the creative process of Kardif redefines the Made in Italy concept, for a lifestyle that celebrates the Great Beauty.

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